Break Chance Memento is Here!

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

After four and a half years of development, Break Chance Memento is here! Cyanide Tea’s largest visual novel to date has been a long time coming, and I’m over the moon that everyone can play it now. I was taken aboard the team to edit Break Chance Memento this year (after editing the second demo in 2013) and can confirm that this is the best Christmas present for anyone into VNs, boys, Sci-Fi and/or time travel.

Break Chance Memento, of course, follows the story of Shuuki and his brothers after their lives were drastically changed following the death of their sister, Fuyuka. It’s only four years later when Shuuki stumbles across the mangled corpse of his brother that things start to change again; a mysterious man from the future offers him the ability to travel back in time and urges Shuuki to alter the past. With the power of time travel secured on his wrist and tasked with the search for the killer, Shuuki sets out to use his new power for good. If only things were that simple.

Cyanide Tea has continually made quality visual novels since the group formed in 2011, bringing us Ristorante Amore and The Elevator in 2012, Nachtigal in 2013, Taaradhin in 2014 and other projects always on the way. It’s amazing how Lorelei and Auro-Cyanide keep making great games and if you have an interest in visual novels with otome or boy’s love elements, I strongly encourage you to play their games.

You can support Cyanide-Tea over at, which is also where you can buy Break Chance Memento. You can also support the team’s writer and all-rounder Lorelei via her Patreon.