Cute Demon Crashers is Out!

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015


While I posted that Cute Demon Crashers! had been released for 2015’s NaNoRenO, it’s not until today that the full game has been released. I’m very proud to announce that the complete Cute Demon Crashers! is finally out! The game is a free 18+ visual novel that explores sex and first times in a safe environment, though doesn’t hold back on being cute or sexy.

It features:

  • Four characters to get intimate with
  • A gallery with 20+ cut-ins and CGs
  • A stop button to stop all intimate activity at any point
  • A scene replay gallery to replay intimate moments without menus
  • 11 possible endings
  • Partial voice acting for all dialogue
  • Partial animation for sprites

You can download the game via and comment over on Tumblr or the Lemmasoft thread. The developers put a lot of time into making this game and love to hear your thoughts about it. So if you enjoy the game, let us know about it!