NaNoRenO 2015 Projects!

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015

NaNoRenO is officially over for the year and I’m more than pleased to share the projects I was a part of during March’s month-long game jam aimed at making a complete visual novel from scratch.

The first game that I helped with was Innate Imperfections, an action/drama visual novel about an assassin looking to change her ways. It made the official NaNoRenO cut-off just in time, but the full release is a few weeks off. The demo currently involves about half of the finished product, with more script, programming and art to come. Until then, you can enjoy the game over here.

I also helped out with Cute Demon Crashers!, the much talked about sex-positive VN that brought many talented and sugary developers together. It follows the antics of Claire (nameable) who must deal with the four sex demons suddenly summoned to her house. It’s really cute. Really cute. Due to a few of us running over time, the initial release only contains two routes, with the rest to be added in the following weeks. You can enjoy the current build of it over here.

Please enjoy the visual novels I’ve helped out with this year and the many, many other amazing games that were released as well.