The Reject Demon: Toko Released!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014


As Lupiesoft’s resident editor, I’m proud to announce that our Valentine’s Day visual novel, The Reject Demon: Toko, is now available!

The Reject Demon: Toko is about the titular demon who has failed to do her duty and has thus been exiled from Hell. Unless she can reap a soul in the human world and ferry it back home, Toko will be doomed to become human. Though once she enters the human world, she stumbles across Nadia, and endless source of warmth and cheer, who picks her off her feet and helps the somewhat awkward demon pretty much stay alive.

This is a kinetic novel and so has no choices, instead displaying a lot of cute art. You can download the game for the Lupiesoft website on a pay-what-you-want basis, so if you’re generous or like the game, feel free to support us!